3 BIG reasons to have a pre-launch Landing Page

3 Big Reasons make it Necessary!

If you don't, it is like having a key hole without the door. The door being your web site. A customer may have the key (your URL) to use in your key hole, hoping to open the door to your web site, but your web site is not there - your door is missing!


You don't want people to forget who you are! Instead of people coming to the door of your web site and it saying "Under Construction" or  "Coming Soon", or even worse - 'this site is parked at......" - surely it is more aesthetically pleasing to see some text, a slider or beautiful image, a place for people to sign up for your content when it is released and a reason for them to come back.

Look & feel is paramount in the online world...... don't miss your opportunity to impress first up!


And don't miss your opportunity to capture your audience.... you do not want them to pass you by while your site is being built and then forget who you are. Ask them for their details - give them a reason to sign up with you - grow your email base before you even launch! Offer them an incentive!


Google Traction & Stats!

Do you want Google to start indexing your site from the word GO! Then get a page up as quickly as possible and make it count. Even without your website functioning, Google will be looking, and then when you launch, Google will start indexing your site for new information; brand new content feeds the hungry Google!

PLUS - You can load your Google analytic code so you can track visitors who are landing on your page - BRILLIANT!! -  stats before you even launch!
Contact us now to have your landing page built with your brand in mind, call to action and contact details. Capture your market as soon as possible.



That is your new sales person working 24/7/365 while your site is being built - fantastic ROI!

Invest in your business - First Impressions count, make sure they are the Right Impressions!
You have 1.5 seconds!
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