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The Digital Marketing Formula

Digital Marketing is not Rocket Science, but it helps to like maths - at least just a little!

Marketing isn't Rocket Science - but there is an element of science and maths...
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Simply Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, the year 2016

Digital Marketing grew in opportunities in leaps and bounds this year.  New platforms and apps were released, however the stable platforms that we thought would never stick, have...
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Gramma, Grammer, Gramer…Grammar

How good is your Grammar?

We have been looking at tools to help you when you are writing content, whether that be blogging or Facebook posting, writing articles for your website or writing...
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Counting words is like counting sheep!

Sick of counting words for your Blogs and Articles?

We are always looking for tools to make content creation easier and faster, and these following 2 tools will help you craft your copy...
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SEO & Mirror Web Sites

SEO & Mirror Web Sites - the truth.

The meaning of SEO

First of all what does SEO stand for? It stands Search Engine Optimisation. I’m going to talk in particular around the areas of...
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Cyber Security and WordPress

Don't let Cyber Security be an issue - manage it!

Welcome to the the post on 'cyber security and Wordpress!'  For some, so scary - but don't let it be scary - be...
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New Digital Marketing Tools

Blrt and LEADoid, just 2 new digital marketing tools on the scene

Last month I visited ceBIT.  CeBIT is a global technology trade show.  It specializes in digital marketing and in cyber security. ...
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Content is King

Content is King, and easier with WordHippo!

We all know that content is king and there is always a need to publish new content, fresh content.  Not just for Google, so that Google...
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