Content is King

Content is King, and easier with WordHippo!

We all know that content is king and there is always a need to publish new content, fresh content.  Not just for Google, so that Google has new information to file to serve up to people looking for your services or your product, but also to keep your website fresh.  New visitors want to see what is current on your website and old visitors, so recurring visitors, want to see what’s fresh; what are you offering now, what sort of information do you have to give them.

Sometimes as writers, we get writer’s block.  Or we have a word and we think ‘oh there has to be another word for this particular word.’ Or ‘I wonder what that word really does mean and is it appropriate in this situation?'.  So here’s a little tip for you I’ve come across.  It’s called  And here you’re going to see it on my screen behind me.

Word Hippo is a fantastic tool.  You can put, in here, the word that you want to find another word for.  Or, an opposite of a word that you’re looking for.  Word meanings, rhyming words, example sentences, translate it, find a word, pronounce words.  This is a fantastic tool and I’ve really, really enjoyed using it for writing anything from Facebook posts to ad words to blogs, new articles, you know because you want something fresh.  You don’t want to use the same vocabulary all the time.

So that’s the tip for the week.  I hope you’ve enjoyed that and I hope you get a lot out of using

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