Counting words is like counting sheep!

Sick of counting words for your Blogs and Articles?

We are always looking for tools to make content creation easier and faster, and these following 2 tools will help you craft your copy for your websites, blogs, articles and Facebook. And will help you keep your word count precise and help you keep your SEO key words high and so that you can actually see what you’re using and how often you’re using it.

So the first tool we’re going to look at is called You will see a demonstration of it in the video below. What does for you is help you look at your copy and see how many times you’ve used a word. Now sometimes for SEO reasons, we want to use a word fairly often because that keeps our keyword count up. But sometimes when we’re writing, we use one particular word or a few words way too many times and it gets boring for the reader.

So we’re just going to do an example here. I’ve copied some texts from my website, and I’ve asked it to include all the small words. I can ask it to exclude the small words, which I think is a good idea. We’re going to go for the top 25 words how often I’ve put it in the copy text and we’re going to press the word GO. So in this example, the word ‘market’ I’ve used three times, the word ‘client’ twice and the word ‘digital’ twice. Now, because we’re digital marketing agency, ‘digital’ and ‘market’, that’s pretty good. In fact, I might even rewrite that and put those two words a couple more times, give it a higher count.

We are also going to introduce another word counter product and it’s called will read your copy and tell you how many words you’ve got and how many characters you’ve got. So that same text, I’ve got 52 words, 311 characters. This is a really important tool for when you’re writing your post because you want your post to be around 350-450 words. And so instead of opening Microsoft Word to count your words, you can just go to

So they are two tools that will help you write copy quickly, efficiently and see how many times you’ve got your keywords in the text, while monitoring your word count.

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you.  You can find me on 0401 850 994 or email me.

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