Cyber Security and WordPress

Don't let Cyber Security be an issue - manage it!

Welcome to the the post on 'cyber security and WordPress!'  For some, so scary - but don't let it be scary - be proactive to save resources, time and money! So, if you’re one of the 23% of websites globally, running on WordPress, then you need to take note of what I’m about to say.

The current version of WordPress is 4.5.2.  Now I often get clients every month, or every weeks when WordPress will release a new update, ringing me or emailing me saying ‘Viv, do we need to do this; what do we need to do; does it really have to happen?’  That’s an absolute yes.  If you want to keep your website totally secure, you must enhance the WordPress platform, which means updating the WordPress software and also updating the plugins that you already have loaded on your WordPress site.

(I look like I am about to pounce!)

Now, why does this have to happen?  WordPress is an open source platform, which means it has been designed by a global community of programmers.  And it is essentially free.  So you actually have a site that does amazing things and you haven’t really paid very much for it.  However, there are thieves out there who want to hack in just for the sake of it, who want to steal data.  And if you’re running an e-commerce or a data capturing website, they want to steal your list.  And they will do that if you allow them to.

So the high points here are to make sure to keep it updated every time there is an alert from WordPress.  And if you’re not going to do it, make sure you’re in a monthly program with your developer or marketer to make sure that they are actually on top of it and updating it for you and keeping it secure.

So that’s the WordPress platform.  But attached to WordPress, you also have plugins, which do all of those fancy things; you know like pop ups or side bars, or marketing emails across the top, and galleries, etc.  So these plugins are also created by an open source community who often enhance their product, who will release a new version for whatever reason, or they may actually not even look after it at all, which becomes a problem when you’re updating WordPress, and the plugin doesn’t get updated.

So make sure all of your plugins are updated, and if you’re not going to do it make sure your developer or marketer are doing that for you.  And also be aware that when you update your WordPress software and your plugin software, sometimes they don’t always work well together in the updated versions.  So make sure you test your contact 7 forms, especially in the last few months, updates have caused a lot of problems with misconfigurations in the contact forms.  Which means people may be trying to email you and you’re not going to be getting the emails.  So they just disappear into cyber space. So make sure your contact forms are working and make sure also that your website is working on every browser.  Because sometimes there are a few misconfiguration areas that occur when you update software then.

So, welcome to 4.5.2, the new WordPress update, and have a fabulous afternoon.  If you have any questions I would love to hear from you.  You can find me on 0401850994 or email me.

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