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What's so important about a Facebook Marketing Timeline Image?

How are you marketing your business? The focus is not on print media - it is on digital platforms. Every platform is immediately accessible 24 hours a day, every day of the year. At no other time in history has it been so easy and so affordable to market your products and services to a global community or a niche local community!

Are you making the most of the opportunities that are literally at your fingertips?

Marketing is a huge topic - and there are so many ways to do it now, and so many platforms demanding your attention. Just a quick tip - choose a handful of platforms and be excellent at using and servicing those platforms. Don't spread yourself thin unless you have a team around you to make it work.

Whilst digital marketing can be daunting - what is not so daunting but very important is to make sure you carry your brand and message across the platforms you choose.

The consistency of the look and feel of images and logos from your web site to your blog to your Facebook timeline is so important to help surfers feel like they have landed on the right pages and therefore continue the journey with you.

This is called 'stickiness'! Not so technical but absolutely necessary. You don't want people feeling like they have left your business because they have been shown an image on Facebook that does not reflect your business.

That is why bringing in your brand and business to your Facebook timeline image is so important - and needs to be done professionally. For a small price, the first picture your potential customer sees should reinforce your professional image. You only have 1.5 seconds to impress and keep them 'sticky' to your business - make those seconds count!

Whilst First Impressions count - you really want the Right Impressions to count!

It is such a small investment in the continual branding and marketing of your business! Call or use the Contact form to talk about your timeline image for Facebook.

What we will do:

  • spend 30-40 minutes with you understanding your business and brand
  • create a time line image that reflects your web site, business & brand
  • upload it to your Facebook page
  • turn around time 3-5┬ádays
  • images that need to be sourced / bought will be done at additional cost

Consider your timeline image as another sales person working 24/7/365 for you.

Invest in your business - First Impressions count.

Make sure they are the Right Impressions!
You have 1.5 seconds!

Simply Marketings Passion

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