Gramma, Grammer, Gramer…Grammar

How good is your Grammar?

We have been looking at tools to help you when you are writing content, whether that be blogging or Facebook posting, writing articles for your website or writing articles for publications.

The tool we’re looking at today is called Grammarly -

Grammarly is an excellent online cloud tool so you can use it wherever you are, wherever you’re writing your content; in the park, on the beach, in the office. It actually helps you make sure your content is mistake-free.

The Grammar Tool in the Cloud

Let’s have a look at what Grammarly can do for you:

  • Grammarly claim to fix over 250 types of errors, most of which Microsoft Word can’t find. So if there’s an extra word or two words that shouldn’t be seen together, it will actually pick that up.
  • The platform enhances clarity and meaning. It actually has a built-in synonym system so you don’t have to go to a synonym finder on one of your browsers as well, it will actually go through and pick up some new synonyms for you.
  • It helps you become a better writer. It will actually go through and pickup any mistakes with words that shouldn’t be seen together or may not sound right together or need commas or extra punctuation.

So whatever you’re writing – homework or business documents, Grammarly will correct and enhance all writings creating excellent content and content that is nice and clean and easy for people to read.

So that is Grammarly. That is our Tool Box Tip for the week.

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