Hosting: is yours green?

How important is 'green' hosting to you? Do you look for a hosting company that claims to help the environment?

Well, it seems that Digital Pacific have the right to claim that flag and get your attention! From the top down they are doing their bit wherever possible to help the planet.  Since inception, Digital Pacific has sought to minimise its impact upon the environment, striving to create a socially responsible business and to encourage and inspire others to do the same. Office procedures include such measures as billing all customers electronically to reduce waste. Staff are encouraged to recycle as much plastic, cardboard and paper as possible. To reduce automobile emissions, employees are allowed to telecommute whenever practical and are also encouraged to car pool.

To promote the idea of offsetting business carbon emissions and to prompt others to similarly consider their carbon footprint, all Digital Pacific customers will be encouraged to use a new “EcoHost” logo on their web sites. So not only can you be doing your bit to support the environment, you can tell everyone else and encourage them to join in. It's such an easy step to take.

Everything that Digital Pacific uses in the operations of our business, including servers, routers and air conditioners are eco powered so not only are you hosting your website on state of the art hardware you are also showing your commitment to a more sustainable world.

How affordable is it? Starting from $4.90/mth - that is fantastic. Of course there are many plans depending on what your requirements are, but seriously - they offer fantastic affordable hosting that is 'green'!

So Digital Pacific have the right to ask the question:

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