Facebook for Business

Who is creating the hype around your product, brand or service?

It all happens on Facebook!  Are these your questions?:

  • Why should we as businesses be part of this phenomenon you might ask?
  • Isn’t it something young kids and middle aged women use?
    • Well that might be true but this group of people and many more comprise of millions of individuals that potentially could become a customer.

Today it is not surprising for a new advertising campaign to be directing you to their Facebook page instead of their website.  The main reason for this is that by using a Facebook Page it allows the brand to present itself to their customers without forcing the audience to come to the brand.

There are many companies creating their Facebook Pages and some are doing a good job and others have a lot to be desired.  The secret to a Facebook Page is to remember that your audience are real people and you have to make a real connection with them.  Don’t spend a lot of time and effort getting people to like you and then just forget about them.  Be consistent and offer something useful on a continual basis or they will forget about you.

Understanding how Facebook "Likes" work will be a real driving force to continue and strive with your Facebook Page.  When a user clicks your “like “ button your posts appear on their wall for all their friends to see.  Imagine if you were looking for a new pinboard and you remembered your friend had posts from Designer Pinboards on their wall.   You jump onto Facebook and in a few clicks you have found it, and as an added bonus if you click their page you are shown their Fan Page discount code.  A personal recommendation from a friend is a very powerful asset.

Understanding the rules of Facebook can be very powerful.  Technically whatever you do on Facebook is not owned by you, it is owned by Facebook.  This is one of the strongest reasons to have your own website where you can do whatever you want.   There is no point in having the exact same information on your website as on your Facebook Page that would be redundant.  Understanding that right now that Facebook is where everyone is, so you must be there too and then give your fans enough reason to visit your  website where you own your information and can do whatever you like.  You can use your facebook page to announce new products and get your customers to click through to find out more information.  You can put excerpt of your blogs and posts and get them to read more on your website.

So what could you expect with a Face Book for Business presence? Have a look at the Case Studies we have started to collect.....