Facebook Case Studies

Case Study 1: Charlies Lane Cove

This local children’s wear shop in Lane Cove who had been on Facebook for several months: with Facebook optimization, a few tweaks to their posts.

We achieved

  • 127 impressions
  • 6.7% feedback in 24hrs!  Fantastic results with only 45 fans.  What that means was there was
    • 127 viewings of their post and
    • 7 people clicked “like” and
    • 1 person commented.  All of this then showing on their walls!  We then posted that a new dress was in stock and within 2 hrs a lady arrived asked for the new dresses, bought 2 and several other items.

Needless to say Charlie’s Lane Cove was very happy!

Case Study 2: LaughAndPlayOutdoors