Loving what we do!

Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it?

That heading made me think of the song - 'I love the way you hold me' - a little random - but we need to break out every now and then! Hope you enjoy it!

Jamie Grace   Hold Me featuring tobyMac  Official Music Video    YouTube

Although we can't sing, we a team of professionals who bring 20+ years experience in marketing, branding, passion for business, drive for a more profitable bottom line - all over a great cup of coffee..because that is where all the best decisions are made!

We could hummm a tune or two and we will come up with the best direction and processes for your business.

We are your company's virtual resource team - bringing marketing & management for the modern business to your business.


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To retain integrity of a clients site, we always purchase images that reflect their business and offering. www.istockphoto.com is our main platform for purchasing and the choice is never ending. Their artists are constantly loading new images and artwork to the site, so there is always fresh content to choose from. Click on the link to go straight to them!

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