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Wondering what businesses or attractions are in your area?

I had the pleasure to work with Elaine from LDI International again, this time on her new business - What's On Aussie. This is a national business directory website.

What's on Aussie national business directory is about: "Connecting people to places, people to experiences".

Elaine has a progressive vision to network Australian businesses across the nation with their local communities on one platform - What's On Aussie.

To that end a comprehensive directory is in the making with many ways for you to advertise your business, and know who is operating in your area.

Elaine currently facilitates the Northern Beaches and the Blue Mountains areas on the new web site.  However if there is no area available on the directory for where your business is situated, consider emailing her for information about how you (or someone you know) could be a Facilitator for your area!

So where did we start? Elaine's vision was piloted on Facebook for a while until the Facebook platform struggled to  load images and pages within the directory. It had become cumbersome and frustrating. So we met to talk about the next steps that needed to be taken to grow her business.

Elaine came to the table with:

  • a logo
  • 2 very active Facebook Business pages - one for Whats on Northern Beaches (3,090 likes) and one for What's On Aussie (265 likes)
  • current clients on her Facebook business page directory: logos and data
  • future clients that needed to be published on her new site
  • category lists
  • a big vision

We sat down many times to discuss the future web site needs as the business grew, long term navigation, look and feel, creative representation and banners.Whatson_Banner

A few mind maps and many coffees later the work began.

The result has been

  • responsive site for portable devicesWOA logo
  • an easy site to navigate
  • uncluttered site
  • clearly Australian
  • clearly a directory
  • well thought out categories

Elaine's site is hosted at Siteground. Her package includes Malware Alert and Daily Backup. All for peace of mind!


To continue the branding exercise across the digital platform, we created a Facebook Main image similar to the web site rotating image. This is important to help with brand stickiness and familiarity.



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