New Digital Marketing Tools

Blrt and LEADoid, just 2 new digital marketing tools on the scene

Last month I visited ceBIT.  CeBIT is a global technology trade show.  It specializes in digital marketing and in cyber security.  So every week thousands of apps get launched into the marketplace, new digital strategies get launched into the marketplace, new companies come and go.  And there was quite a few companies, start up companies, at the trade show; two of them of which I wanted to point out to you today because they have excellent products and you will start seeing me use their products because they are very smart.

The first one is Blrt.  'B L R T'.  So what Blrt have is a cloud product that allows us to mark up websites, and pdf’s, and Word documents, and Excel documents, png’s, jpeg’s, etc.  So when we’re trying to turn around a website or a print product as fast as possible, it allows us, as an agency to talk with our clients, you, in real time.  So we get to mark up products and send you the documents so that you can comment on them; ‘yes I like that’, ‘no let’s move this word’, or ‘let’s move this picture’.  It’s a very smart product.  So Blrt, watch out for them.

The other product is LEADoid.  LEADoid is an Australian product as well, actually here on the north shore.  What LEADoid do is actually use the Twitter open source network to drill down on finding the perfect customers, and being able to talk with those customers and offer them special products or sale products.  It uses the Twitter network with Instagram and creates all the key analytics so that we can interact with those potential clients and customers.  Very smart product.  Watch out for LEADoid because we’ll be using LEADoid as well.

So that’s what is new this week - look forward to seeing you on page next week!

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