Video Marketing is Video & Blogs = Vlogs

Vlogging for Business - your video marketing strategy

Content marketing is the real deal when it comes to digital marketing... BUT the undisputed king of Content Marketing is VIDEO.

Are you a big brand or a small brand? It doesn't matter anymore because with Digital Marketing you have the chance to be heard, seen, and drive profitable consumer action.  'WOOHOOOO!!'

"BUT, How do I do that?", you ask! Well, before we discuss the BEST 'HOW' -  lets' talk some 'WHYs'!

• 62% of Google searches include Video
• Video is 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google than plain text results
• Video search results have 41% higher cick through rate than plain text
• People stay 2 mins longer on your site if you have video
• Posts with Video attract 3 x more inbound links then plain text posts.

Then we have outrageous traffic of more than 1 BILLION unique users visit YouTube every month and over 6 Billion hours of video are watched every month on YouTube.

Video Blogging for your business

Videos are easier to watch than an article to read!
Just like the video above! I bet you probably watched that over reading all the text on this page!

Your story can be told for for years to come 24/7/365 through Blogging and Video....DAh dah - gives you

'Vlogging for Business.'

Strategic - Smart - High ROI

Narrativa and Simply Marketing's goal is to keep your digital channels fresh and sticky!

keep your site Fresh with Simply Marketing


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