Photos, flash, images – why are they so important?

Images are very important!

Have you ever come across a web site that looks amazing? Sometimes you may have no idea what they are selling or the message they are trying to get across, but the images are so crisp and beautiful that they keep you on the site and encourage you to look around. This is called the 'stickiness of the site'.

What is even better is a site with amazing, clear, crisp images that are related to their content and message or what the site is trying to sell. One thing that lets a site down is when a site has beautiful 'related' images to the content, but poor product images. Product images that are blury, have fuzzy lines and flat colour reflect on the product the site is selling. You see an amazing site but when you drill down to look at products you are interested in you suddenly don't feel the warm and fuzzies, you feel like clicking out of there.

One site that has amazing photos and flash images is iStockPhoto US9million iStockPhotos in fact!  9 MILLION - NINE MILLION - however you write it or read it - that's a lot of images to choose from. And trust me - you will definitely find what you need.

I have been using iStockPhoto US for several years. The web site is easy to use, and the delivery of the images is within a minute.
Plus, they are not pricey. Yes, there are some images that are a bit pricey, but if you continue your search you will find something just as good but cheaper. From as little as a couple of dollars, you can have quality images represent a quality service or concept you own.

Right now they are offering a discount for new customers valid until 1st Jan 2012!   Try them out & you will get 10% off a $50 credit order

Now, getting back to the 'stickiness' of a site - a site has optimum stickiness when images, navigation and copy all work perfectly together. If you have great images but your navigation is terrible, ie. the customer has trouble finding what they are looking for, or it just does not flow - they will click out of your site.

If you have great images, good navigation but no SEO - then the first 2 things don't matter, because nobody can find you.

A great web site is about making sure you have all the ingredients in their right proportions. If you feel you have something missing - contact us - have a chat - that costs nothing and may reveal a whole new world to you!

Or, if you need images - check out iStockPhoto US - you will love what you see!

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