Is Print Dead?- Part 1 of 3

Is Print Media Dead?

Over the past 10 years, digital media, platforms, devices.....'smarts' have taken the advertising and marketing world by storm. It has reshaped the landscape of these brand vehicles and caused companies to have to think more laterally about who they are and who they want to be seen to be. What they stand for and where is the tribe that supports their offering?

Even though this has been going on under our noses, or fingertips, print still has a place in the hands of the prospective purchaser. New technologies and creative share has meant it can be delivered a little smarter and possibly in a more fun presentation.

73% of consumers prefer print to email when it comes to communicating with their favourite brands (International Communications Research)

CASE 1: DL Cards


MicroselByDevine came to us wanting a 'sales card'! A card to give out to prospective customers about their new application service.


Their new service however is not a straight protective application for just 1 surface. It can be used on practically anything that needs protection, from leather to vinyl to wool to silk, and can be used internally or externally on products exposed to the elements.

There were so many stories that needed to be told - how do we do that without being BORING or losing the prospect's attention?


We suggested the product story be told as an info graphic.

People read pictures in 13 milliseconds, so picture graphs canĀ  tell chapters of stories in one card.

The project was so successful that head office in Queensland has adopted the creative with their credentials and it has gone overseas to New Zealand.

Microseal by Simply Marketing


Infographic by Simply Marketing


People like to still touch and feel a product. A nice paper or card, fun creative, interesting colours up close that are not on a screen. Print will always have a place in society because touch is one of our sensory compasses.

Story, Creative Brief & Direction & Print by Simply Marketing


Print Simply Marketing

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