SEO & Mirror Web Sites

SEO & Mirror Web Sites - the truth.

The meaning of SEO

First of all what does SEO stand for? It stands Search Engine Optimisation.

I’m going to talk in particular around the areas of Mirror Web Sites and duplicate pages on your website.

Mirror Web Sites

We’re going to talk about Mirror Web Sites first. A lot of people, in the very early days of websites, thought it would be a great  idea to have two Web Sites with exactly the same content on it but with different URL’s. So hoping to own as much market as possible.

Google very quickly caught on that that’s not a great user experience because someone will go to one website and see some content they like, try out another Web Site, and find exactly the same content. Now I don’t know if you as a surfer, often go looking for products or services and I’ll find something that’s written on one website and find exactly the same content, copied onto another Web Site. And as a surfer, I just think that’s a bad experience. So does Google. So if someone tells you that it’s a great idea to have a Mirror Web Site, and copy your content to own as much market as possible, Google will downgrade you.

In fact they’ll downgrade you so far that you won’t be able to be found on the web. So that’s just one alarm bell first.

Keywords vs Long Tail Keywords

The second one is to make sure that every page on your website is referenced for it’s own unique key word or key word phrase. What’s the difference between keyword and a keyword phrase? Simply the number of words. So a keyword may be 'Manly Beach'. A key word phrase, if I’m wanting to go swimming or go surfing, would be “how big is the surf at Manly Beach, Sydney”? So that’s called ‘a long tail keyword’. It is a very specific reference to a keyword to find exactly want I want.

Every page on your website needs to have it’s own unique keyword or keyword phrase for Google to reference that particular keyword effectively.

So I hope that’s been helpful. Make sure you do your research for Search Engine Optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation does work. You just need to do your research;  do it well and bring the right eyeballs and the right clients to your website for your service and products.

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you.  You can find me on 0401850994 or email me.

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