Video Marketing Strategy

Vlogging for Business - your video marketing strategy

Content marketing is the real deal when it comes to digital marketing... BUT the undisputed king of Content Marketing is VIDEO.

The playing field is neutral - every brand, big or small, has the opportunity to be heard, seen, and drive profitable consumer action. Engage with your target audience like never before across a huge array of platforms, networks and devices - it's never been easier to build your business and brand loyalty.
What's the big deal? Video? Blogging? We can talk statistics all day, but here's a few to whet your neurons!

• 62% of Google searches include Video
• Video is 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google than plain text results
• Video search results have 41% higher click through rate than plain text
• People stay 2 mins longer on your site if you have video
• Posts with Video attract 3 x more inbound links then plain text posts.

Then we have outrageous traffic of more than 1 BILLION unique users visit YouTube every month and over 6 Billion hours of video are watched every month on YouTube..... is your company video one of them?

The creative eye behind the camera and in post production is Claudia Oliveira from Narrativa Video Production


Video Blogging for your business

Videos are easier to watch than an article to read! What's your company story? Blogging and Video gives you Vlogging for Business.

A strategic marketing plan for 6-12 months; messages for years to come, making your ROI extremely high!

Narrativa and Simply Marketing's goal - to keep your digital channels fresh and sticky!

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