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Dee Why Sunrise B&B

The Devines came to us with a simple request which was to have a simple web site that would showcase their B&B for new visitors and return visitors.


What we had to work with:
All we had to work with was some text and images pulled off Stayz. Images are the key to this type of web site, and when a budget is small, you really need to be picky about what is published on the site.

The Result:
The result is an image focused site with sliders on a few pages, and descriptive text.

The Testimonials are all fantastic, so it was important that they had their own page.

The site also consists of:

  • A large main page slider showcases the beautiful beach area
  • A mini slider showcases the accommodation on the Accommodation page
  • A larger slider showcases the area and pool and park on the Welcome page

The result is an easy to read site with fabulous images and testimonials.

Please note that this site is not SEO'd at client request at this stage.

If you want to visit the B&B, it is situated in Dee Why in the most enviable spot - a stones throw from the beach and cafes and beautiful walks.

Check out their NEW WEB SITE, and the B&B, and duck into one of the many cafes along the strand for a coffee!

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