Templates! Dirty Word? NO!

Is using a pre designed template OK?

You know - I used to think it was not OK... BUT that was 4 years ago now when templates were average, not smart and not dynamic.

NOW - they are all those things and more.

There are so many template options available that look amazing, and no 2 templates can ever look the same if you do some customization that reflects your own style and brand!

For the last 2 1/2 years I have been using Template Monster for WordPress and Magento platform templates. The range is amazing. The variation in styles is incredible, and the creators of these templates keep new products rolling in all the time.

Template Monster's logo is this funny little 'monster' - you will never forget him.


Up until just recently, responsive themes in the style you were after were quite hard to come by. However just in the last 2-3 months, a much larger range of responsive themes have become available. It is really important that you find a theme that will match your navigation needs and message needs.

Template MonsterĀ  has a vast array of categories and colour schemes that are full of responsive themes. Template Monster is a fabulous place to start when you are beginning to dream about your online presence, or needing a relaunch.

Steps before you buy a template:

  1. Sign up for our Free 5 Hot Tips before you start online
  2. Create a navigation mind map
  3. Review your logo and orientation needs
  4. Review your colour scheme requirements
  5. Review your message placement needs


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