I met Vivian at a Women’s Business Network group meeting about 5 years ago. We were chatting about Websites and how popular they were becoming and I made a point of telling her that I was quite novice with how websites worked and had little understanding of their power.

Vivian said she would come and have a chat with me about our existing website and how we could possibly improve it. Now I know that this was one of the best decisions I had made for the business for some time. Vivian explained how websites work and the importance of content, search engine optimisation and other information in a simple language that I understood clearly.

Since that time, Vivian has built us a fabulous new website, has kept it up to date and optimised it consistently. We have been on the first page of Google for over 4 years now and our rug cleaning business has increased dramatically.

Raja Devine, http://rugclean.com.au