The Digital Marketing Formula

Digital Marketing is not Rocket Science, but it helps to like maths - at least just a little!

Marketing isn't Rocket Science - but there is an element of science and maths to it. If that is something you did not like back in school, then you may well need some help. As for me, I loved both. Physics and Pure Mathematics, I even did it at university, along with a strange bedfellow Japanese!

Whether you loved or loathed maths, at at the end of the day, you will be pleased to know that the recipe or formula for marketing does not change. However what does change is the delivery vehicle - the apps, new web site functionality options, and new social platforms to play on.

Digital Marketing Formula | Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for 2017

It's so simple, but for many, so hard to do - that is because it is not their primary role. And that is OK.

But if it is for you, then here is the formula:


I know, everyone is saying that to you, but that is because it is what you need to so. New Content. Fresh Content. Re purposed Content.


Your website needs to be refreshed - like wearing new clothes. Not that we need to change our website every day, but every 18-24 months.


Be social. Act social. Join the Chat. Start the chat.

Social media marketing is broken up into 2 areas:

  1. Organic marketing
  2. Paid marketing

Do you need to do both? YES!!!!


Know how and where your potential customers are looking for you. What keywords aer they using and where are they chatting.

The GOLD is in the RESEARCH.


Clear short messages to your database and prospects - nothing complicated. Easy to read text and call to actions.

2017 Top 5 INFOGRAPHIC-Simply Marketing

Building a business is an exciting journey.

We have opened up our March Calendar for our Power Consults. Obligation free. Book a 20min session with Simply Marketing to discuss your business, digital footprint and website - we are here to help guide you to the next level, fill in any marketing gaps, or answer any questions you may have about marketing.

Final Digital Marketing Message from Simply Marketing

Just be CONSISTENT and PERSISTENT in your marketing. When you look back in a year,  you will be amazed at how far you have come.

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