Ugly cork boards NO MORE!

Designer Pinboards

A very clever client, Kathy from Devise Decor, just launched her new web site with a fabulous new idea that will see ugly brown cork boards a thing of the past.

Welcome DesignerPinboards to your home or office for a beautiful way to get noticed. You can design your own shape & size, with a vast choice of colours; or choose one of the standard products already designed by Kathy.

Kathy uses a unique material that 'self heals' - so there are no more ugly holes left in the board when you remove your notices or artwork.

We worked with Kathy on her Magento platform site implementing the Temando shipping extension, managing the Paypal integration & writing all the SEO material.


My favourite? Stars of course! Available in 12 different colours!

We hope you enjoy the Designer Pinboards site!





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